Know Your San Marcos Irrigation System

In case you are planning to get a sprinkler system Our San Marcos Irrigation Sprinkler Repair Contractors Specialize in Rotary Spray Systemsinstalled in your home, it is always advisable to do some research on the types of products available, their functions, features and price ranges prior to purchasing. Basically, it is the professional contractors who suggest to clients the type of products that should preferably be installed. However, your San Marcos irrigation experts feel that even if we had to advise clients, it is proper for the client to know about some of the available sprinkler systems and their functions. This ensures that clients understand their sprinkler systems better.

We Handle These Sprinkler Systems and More:

Spray Sprinkler Systems:

These are perfectly suited for We Handle All Irrigation Systems in San Marcoswatering lawns and small fields for irrigation purposes. They have a pop-up head above the ground level through which water is sprayed to the lawns. The size of the pop-up heads varies depending on the total area to be covered. We suggest using a water pressure of around 30-40 PSI for best results. If you are using such kind of irrigation in San Marcos, CA, you can call us if you need any assistance.

Rotor Sprinkler Systems:

The rotor sprinklers are used for Our San Marcos Irrigation Team Installs Permanent and Temporary Systems watering larger areas. The radius of the pop-ups are much bigger. However, the rotor heads in this case rotates mechanically to uniformly spray water to all parts of the land. All of such irrigation in San Marcos can be repaired or installed by us.

Temporary Sprinklers:

These are portable sprinklers used for seasonal irrigation or landscaping projects. However, they need to be manually operated, which stands as one of its biggest drawbacks.

Drip and Bubble Systems:

They are used for watering small stretches of specialized areas such as tree beds, flower beds and non-lawn areas. The drip models make use of hoses to spray water. This variety finds wide application in many households. If you are looking for a San Marcos irrigation repair service to regularly work on your drip and bubble system, we can easily do that.

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